Laser Cut Gaskets

Laser Cut Gaskets

Custom made to match laser cut gaskets.We work with a variety of materials including Flexoid, cork and foam.We will design your gaskets to you specific requirements.Β 

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Laser Cut Gaskets

Utilising our specialized laser cutting process we at Laserlink are able to laser cut gaskets. The gaskets come in all shapes and sizes. Materials we work with are Flexoid gasket paper as well as various other materials including cork and foam. We have a design team to assist with any drawing you may need. We can custom make any gasket to fit. Laser cutting gaskets is a fast and efficient way to product gaskets. The advantage is no additional cost to produce dies and furthermore the design can be adapted easily. Changes can be made easily saving you on tooling costs.

Lasers cutters are optimised for prototype runs as well as high volume runs. There is no tooling wear which means we can achieve consistency.

The very thin beam width allows optimal nesting of parts for maximum material utilisation which is essential for keeping the cost of production down when cutting specialty materials.

Flexoid comes in various thickness from 0.25mm – 3mm and maximum service temperature is 120 Celsius and is not suitable for alkalies acids or steam.

If you are looking for foam gaskets then they can be found on our foam gasket product.

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