Laser Cut Foam Inserts

Laser Cut Foam Inserts

Laser cutting of thin foams (Max Thickness 20mm).

Suitable for display boxes and suitcase inserts.

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Laser Cut Foam Inserts

We laser cut foam inserts for cases, tool boxes and gun cases. We specialize in laser cutting custom layouts for foam. Whatever your needs may be as a designer, engineer or individual we have you covered with our high quality laser cutting. At Laserlink we offer each customer individual and undivided attention to ensure our finished products are made to your requirements and are of the highest quality. We specialize in cutting foam and foam products with a focus on inserts for cases, such as tool cases and gun cases. The foam cut outs will perfectly contour every item for a neat and tidy?presentation and for maximum protection.

Foam cut out act as space filler, to ensure that every item is snugly packages to prevent damage during storage or transportation. Foam cut outs offer protection against shock and vibration.

Our foam cut outs are also ideal for promotional or display packaging purposes. High quality finishes and edging works beautifully for the presentation of products.

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