Mr and Mrs Table Signs for Weddings

Mr and Mrs Table Signs for Weddings

Custom made Mr & Mrs Table Signs for weddings.Size can be adjusted to fit your table. Colours can be adjusted to suit your wedding theme.

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Mr and Mrs Table Signs for Weddings

Beautiful wooden or coloured Mr and Mrs Table Signs for Weddings! The sign can be custom made to your requirements along with your chosen colours. It will slot into a flat foot at the bottom. This flat foot ensures the sign has a sturdy placement on your table. The flat foot at the bottom can be covered with flowers or left as is! These Mr and Mrs Table Signs can also be custom made with your surname!

They are great for rustic wedding decor in the natural brown colour. We can also make it suitable for modern weddings by adding colours such as white and silver and gold. These table signs make for a beautiful home decoration for after your wedding too! Please choose from a design below or send us any other photo that you may have. Please email us: If you would like to chat to us about your requirements, please call us on 082 330 0062.

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