Custom-Made Wooden Picket Signs

Custom-Made Wooden Picket Signs

Beautifully made custom wooden picket signs for weddings or functions.

Pricing ranges from R 420.00 – R 500.00 per sign depending on text & colours.

Standard Size: 1.8m tall (1.5m tall once put into ground)

Wood type: Reclaimed timber pole with MDF horizontal slats

Shipped in flat pack, includes screws

To place an order, please email us your requirements:

Office Tel: 082 330 0062 (Office Hours Apply)


Custom-Made Wooden Picket Signs

We make custom wooden picket signs for all occasions, may it be your wedding, a birthday or a corporate function. Our wooden picket signs are made according to order and can be customized to your specifications. We are also able to varnish or paint the wood in different colours. The words or letters can be done in a font chosen by you and also painted in a colour to match your function or wedding. To order please email us at or call us on 082 330 0062.

The signs are attached to a pole which can but put into the ground furthermore a spike is included at the bottom of the pole to allow the sign to stand upright in the ground. Signs can be used to direct guest as well as provide information to guests.

Please view the images below for ideas and if you have not found what you are looking for, please feel free to send us a photo of what you have in mind.